Published on 22 March 2023 at 22:55

Each week (or thereabouts) we present a selection of key recently released tracks.


MARTIN LEARY - 'It's Time'/'Be Present'

The Glasgow based singer songwriter Martin Leary has treated us to not one but two new songs with his double A-side new release 'It's Time; which is joined by 'Be Present'. The former track is killer and is fleshed out by band member Calum Doherty's lead guitar. The latter song shows a different side to Leary and proves he is far from a one trick pony.


DOCKSUNS - 'Real Thing'

'Real Thing' sounds absolutely huge and demonstrates the Wearside band's solid intentions for 2023. Fast paced and energetic, the song is as radio friendly as it gets. Docksuns are a band going places - and we are along for the ride.


ARTESAN - 'Rage'

Artesan love making music and we love listening to it. 'Rage' is a prime example of the Falkirk area band's awesome sound - acoustic guitars underpin a landscape of soaring lead guitar and quite frankly, an incredible rock vocal from front man Ronnie Bissett. Still finding their fanbase despite a handful of strong releases, Artesan are perhaps rock's best kept secret. 


COME AT THE KING - 'Good Bad Influence'

Tense and deliberate, 'Good bad Influence' is the latest release from the London area three-piece Come At The King. They have previously been described as making "gloriously filthy rock n roll" and that's just how we like it. A cracking single.


DAYZIES - 'I Love It'

We are heading back to the north-east now, and the alt-rock band Dayzies have grabbed our attention with their recent single. It's called 'I Love It' and guess what? We absolutely love it. This is only their second single and what a pleasure it is. Dayzies are ones to watch.


CANDID - 'Tonight'

There is no denying that Candid are perhaps the most promising band in the midlands area. With a recently announced headline show at The HMV Coventry Empire, Candid have big intentions. This new single, 'Tonight', backs up those intentions such is the quality on display. A must-listen.

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